Chris Hopkins - Lead vocal, guitars, bass, saxophone, and backing vocals

"Naked Truth" didn't start out as a solo project, but circumstances just kind of pushed that eventual migration. Two of the songs were originally written for a proposed "Insane Jane" recording project, but when Chris bowed out, he used them as cornerstones for what eventually turned into "Naked Truth." Chris started recording song ideas in 2007, but progress was slow until a flurry of song writing in 2009 thru 2010 solidified the roster. This rather slow incubation period was largely due to constant scheduling conflicts, but this turned out to be a positive, as it gave Chris ample time to revise and rewrite. In addition to his vocal and instrumental contribution, Chris also has managed to engineer, produce, and mix the entire recording.

Matthew Bell - All keyboards

Matt and Chris met in college as colleagues majoring in music. There they became friends, forming the band "Labyrinth" and ultimately becoming roommates. After Matt graduated, he soon quit the band and got a real job, but the friendship has been maintained. Having a home studio of his own (Northlake Studio) just outside of Pella, Matt has continued a very active recording career and the two decided to join forces and collaborate. Although Chris had most of the material written, he knew he wanted a strong keyboard presence and Matt was given free rein. In addition to contributing key parts, Matt was an invaluable resource during the mix down process and this recording has benefited immensely due to his contribution. 

Kevin Lyman - Drums

Kevin and Chris started playing together in 2002 when they formed the band "Insane Jane." Although somewhat intermittently, they have been playing together ever since. This recording started as an "Insane Jane" project, but changed direction when that band fractured. Having compatible visions, Chris and Kevin continued work on the recording and as Chris would introduce a song idea, Kevin would quickly work out a drum part. In addition to his drum work, Kevin has been an absolutely irreplaceable motivational force, constantly supporting the project's momentum with undying enthusiasm.

Lindsay Hopkins - Background vocals/creative consultant

Lindsay would be quick to tell you that she has absolutely no musical training or experience, but Chris recognized a good ear and a pleasant voice. Next thing you know, she was in front of a microphone with headphones on. Despite repeated attempts, Lindsay was only coerced into singing on one track, but if Chris gets his way, there may be revised versions with her presence in the future. Lindsay has served as a litmus test at the emergence of each new song, and Chris counts on her unbiased honesty and trusts in her impeccable taste.