Why should I listen to your music?


I imagine this is the question people ask themselves when they discover my page. When you think about it, it's really only logical to ask this. We are pummeled by music everyday via radio, television, or whatever. Usually we are subjected to music we don't choose, so when it comes to our choice of music, we get rather selective and insure our free time isn't wasted on music we aren't familiar with. When it comes right down to it, the odds that my music will be your 'cup of tea' are really quite slim. I am an unknown artist, not even trying to be current or trendy, writing songs about emotions and issues that have impacted my life. Really rather self absorbed you may observe, yet I imagine everyone can relate to at least one of these songs. I am sharing some of myself with anyone that may have experienced an emotion or thought similar to what I have described, and that connection is what any musician seeks. I am not trying to write pop songs that make you want to run out to the dance floor and shake your booty. I am not trying to tap into some commercial trend to try and lure a record label. I write songs that are sincere and often mean something specific to me, but if you can't take something away for yourself, you truly may not be listening.


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