Chris Alan Hopkins

Chris Alan Hopkins is a singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist, and recording enthusiast from Pella, Iowa.  Although he has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education from Central University of Iowa, his true credentials come from years of accrued experience performing across the Midwestern United States and even into Canada. He has been in more bands over the years than he would like to admit, but here are some of the more successful projects; Labyrinth, Constable Jones, Mister Slate, Cynical Sam, Hopkins, Screamn' Peas, and Insane Jane. After recording Labyrinth’s “So Wild” and Mister Slate’s “Gotta Rock” at Catamount Recording in Cedar Falls, Chris decided he needed a studio of his own to facilitate his recording and rehearsing needs. Hopkins Digital Domain first became functional in the late 1990’s and then got rebuilt and upgraded in 2006 to it’s current state. Cynical Sam, Hopkins, and Screamn’ Peas recorded their respective projects at Chris’ studio along with numerous other local bands. In 2008, Chris and drummer Kevin Lyman had been playing in Insane Jane and decided to leave that project to dedicate precious time on a recording project in which Chris had been writing material. Matt Bell and Chris had old ties stemming back to the founding days of Labyrinth, so Matt was asked to contribute keyboard work. "Naked Truth" is the result of this collaboration. Although the bulk of the writing was done by Chris, Matt and Kevin's contributions were critically essential and have drastically enhanced the songs. Chris' wife, Lindsay, was enlisted to do some back ground vocal work, but Chris claims her biggest contribution was as his constant sounding board, absolutely essential for expressing that other opinion that only another set of ears can.