This site's primary purpose is to exhibit my latest recording effort, "Naked Truth." I have decided to use this medium as opposed to the traditional CD package based on two factors, it's less expensive, and the CD is liable to digital download on a your favorite device anyway. At present I have no immediate plans to perform this live, so merchandizing a product at shows is also not an option. All downloads are free, because my primary goal is to get my music heard! If anyone wants an actual CD with wav files as opposed to mp3, I will happily accommodate. Send me an email at and I'll fix you up.

This is as grass roots as it gets! I have always hated the hype and pretense of self promotion, so this is my alternative, just some songs, credits, and a few pictures. I guess if you like the music, demand will dictate further exposure.

Chris Hopkins


Download "Naked Truth" in it's entirety